Practice AreaRegulatory & Compliance

As India grows from a “developing” economy to a “developed” economy, the central and state regulators are increasingly introducing several regulatory frameworks across industries.

The regulatory framework in India is constantly evolving, and the cost of doing business is inherently intertwined with the cost of staying compliant. Simply put, non compliance or under compliance is simply not an option to any forward-looking business.

GLC has extensive knowledge of the local/state/central regulations and routinely advises clients on cross-border compliance issues as well. The Regulatory & Compliance practice covers a wide swathe of issues, ranging from employment (e.g., sexual harassment, retirement, termination), to investment-related (e.g., foreign exchange, inbound investment advisory etc.), to sector-specific permissions (e.g., manufacturing, banking, media etc.), to industry-specific compliances (e.g., gaming industry, online lottery etc.).

Our lawyers have sector-specific experience in Energy Markets, Entertainment industry, Banking & Finance, Technology and Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors.