Practice AreaLitigation, Dispute Resolution, and IBC

GLCs litigation practice is well known to aggressively represent its clients in all types of business, intellectual property, consumer, real-estate, white-collar, and complex commercial litigation matters before various judicial fora, such as the district courts, commercial courts, Human Rights Commissions, tribunals such as the NCLT and DRT, and the High Courts, within the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


The Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Act, 2015 (the “Commercial Courts Act”) introduces special courts to deal with commercial matters that meet specific thresholds. While the Commercial Courts Act is a new piece of legislation in India, our advocates have spent considerable amount of time conducting research on the Commercial Courts Act, and participating in various fora on the application of the Commercial Courts Act. Our litigation team leverages our research and knowledge base on the Commercial Courts Act, and assists our clients in getting remedies or protecting them from any suits filed against them under the Commercial Courts Act.


Our Firm routinely assists clients in civil litigation, including property litigation, family disputes, employment litigation, intellectual property litigation, lessor-lessee litigation, and litigation under special laws and statutes.

The Firm has filed a number of writ petitions in various high courts challenging various government authorities as well as government actions, as well as seeking directions from various government authorities, under Article 226 Writ Jurisdiction. This includes the municipalities, revenue departments, home department, urban development departments, land reforms authorities, corporate affairs ministry (MCA) and others.


GLC team represents various lenders (banks, asset reconstruction companies – ARCs etc.), companies, directors, and CEOs before NCLT on a wide range of Company Law matters such as, insolvency & bankruptcy (IBC), operations and mismanagement, matters pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, amalgamations, winding up, and other issues pertaining to the interpretation and implementation of the Companies Act, 2013.


GLC recognizes that arbitrations are becoming more frequent and complex as corporations and financial institutions continue to enter new markets against a backdrop of tighter regulatory scrutiny, higher accountability standards and intense competition. All of this creates higher costs and greater liability, requiring that litigation be avoided whenever possible, and resolved efficiently and quickly through arbitration. With our experience in multiple disciplines of law and practice areas, combined with our strong litigation team, we offer comprehensive arbitration strategies and case management for our clients.