Practice AreaCommercial And Technology Transactions

At GLC, our role as advisors for commercial transactions goes beyond legal advisory work. We like to think of ourselves as our clients’ business advisors first and legal advisors to follow. Our drafting is tailor made to suit our clients’ business needs, and to help them become more competitive and decisive.


The potential for long-term litigation is high in an environment where transactions are clogged with perceived infirmities. Our focus is on understanding your business, and drafting a framework that is flexible, yet watertight when it comes to protecting your interests.

Our commercial transactional practice includes handling of issues and providing strategy and advice in business formation, commercial loans, joint venture agreements, investment agreements, shareholder agreements, term sheets, MOA/AOA, liquidation and dissolution of companies, mergers and amalgamations, FDI (foreign direct investment) advisory, corporate loans, negotiable instrument advisory and the like.


For any company with long-term business operations, execution of appropriate contracts requires foresight and long-term planning. Our team at GLC has drafted a number of operational agreements to represent a wide variety of commercial arrangements, and has experience in understanding long term strategic business relationships between our clients and their partners. Examples of some agreements that we have helped draft – Purchase agreements, supply contracts, employment and consulting agreements, terms of purchase and sale, extended warranty agreements, franchise agreements, manufacturing agreements, turnkey agreements, supply contracts, requirement contracts, marking agreements, intellectual property licenses and assignments, sourcing and transactional agreements.


Websites that obtain user data require comprehensive privacy policies and terms of use that are in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the relevant rules thereunder. Also, with the newly enacted global laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses with global exposure are especially vulnerable to compliance pot-holes.

Additionally, our clients routinely seek our advice on sector-specific data security issues such as healthcare and children-related content (e.g., K-12 online education). Our team at GLC also advises our clients on the compliance requirements from a platform and hosting perspective, and drafts appropriate tailor-made privacy policies, terms of use and end-user license agreements.


Private equity and venture capital funds often want to conduct in depth due diligence before they agree to proceed with their proposed investments. Our due diligence and transactional practice supports in-depth assessment and analysis of key transaction documents and commercial contracts in relation to a start-up/entity, identifying potential risks (including litigation risk) that could hamper investment, evaluate risks of managerial capacity, and finalizing a formal due-diligence report.


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