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There is just too little literature available about Indian law on the internet. For example, although India is a massive destination for Foreign Direct Investment, there is little clarity on the regulatory framework and the compliance activities to be undertaken pre and post-investments in India. With the liberalization of many sectors over the last couple of decades, more and more foreign entities are interested in doing business in India. Additionally, with the Indian government’s push towards setting up India a startup hub, there is a tremendous interest from Indian and non-Indian entrepreneurs to setup and do business in India.

This blog is a humble attempt at making some of the nuances of the Indian legal system more easy to understand, so that Indian and foreign businesses, startups, investors and lawyers alike are more confident and comfortable in considering India as an investment destination. In short, with the help of this blog, doing business in India should be a simple affair!

ILB is managed and maintained by GLC & Partners (“GLC”), a multi-disciplinary law firm based in India. GLC routinely assists US and European investors, businesses, and lawyers in their inward and outward investments into/from India. With dual-qualified lawyers on its rolls, GLC is uniquely positioned as one of the few top-tier law firms in the country that specializes in cross-border transactions. More information about GLC and its founder Krishna Grandhi can be obtained at


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