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WHO WE AREOur Four Pillars of Strength

The four pillars of our Chambers are (1) Quality, (2) Partnership, (3) Approachability, and (4) Practicality.

The primary emphasis is on quality. With the benefit of experience of having worked in the US with top law firms and organizations, Krishna Grandhi incessantly focuses on bringing international-level quality to his practice. Lawyers at the Chambers are hired from the best law schools in the country, and go through months of rigorous training on draftsmanship, language nuance, communication skills and substantive law. The focus is on creating a well-rounded team that produces top-notch quality work products with a razor-sharp efficiency and detail. Our pleadings and oral arguments have been well appreciated in the legal community as having set a new standard of excellence in the profession.

The focus is also equally on creating a sense of partnership with our clients. Each matter is discussed intricately with our clients. We set no limits on the number of conferences required with our clients, in order for us to understand the core issues and absorb the paper trail that inevitably follows in every complex matter. We then research the law, and work with our clients in developing a comprehensive strategy for addressing the legal issues at hand. There is no “one-sided” approach to problem-solving at GLC. We understand that we are solving problems “for the client”, which means that the client gets to choose the strategy that best works for them, in consultation with us guiding them along the way.

The next pillar of strength is approachability. Every GLC lawyer is available to our clients at any time. We of course ask for reasonable notice to work on matters, and to respect our lawyers’ private lives, but the underlying theme at the Chambers is that our clients only call on us when they need us, and it is at those times that we must be there for them.

Finally, we never forget the value of solid practicality. Legal problems generally have multiple answers. The one-size-fits-all approach generally doesn’t work in the practice of law. So, what matters to our clients is that the solutions we offer them are actually practical for them to implement. Therefore, we don’t push “solutions” just for the sake of closing a deal or a contentious issue. We offer choices, and work with the client in understanding the practical impact of each of the choices at hand, finally nudging them towards practical solutions that make commercial sense and offer personal meaning to them.